Destined to Design: A Realtor and Mother Takes Control of Her Life and Future

Showhomes is a great example of an ideal business for women who want to enjoy both their family and the rewards of owning a thriving business. Showhomes enabled Barbara Bliss of Lake Forest, IL to find this balance by allowing her to start out small and with low overhead, and work up to her full potential. The opportunity allows her to thrive in a creative design business that played to her love of real estate and desire to help others.  She also enjoys the freedom of being her own boss.

“I love the flexibility of owning my own business.  I have been a single mother for the past nine years raising teenagers.  What’s nice is that they see their mother excelling in business, while at the same time, we have a great quality of life.  My office is near our home.  Owning Showhomes provides me with creating my own hours that fits my lifestyle with my grown children and my boyfriend,” Bliss described.

Balancing Business and Family
Bliss decided to purchase the Showhomes franchise when, “A business broker connected the seller of the franchise and myself in 2005. It was the perfect marriage of my skills as a Realtor and the skills that I had developed as a rehabber of homes.  I love to make homes beautiful so buyers can see the potential in the property. “Her Showhomes franchise is growing at record rates. “We doubled the business in the first year and continue to receive awards based on our revenue with the company,” Bliss said.

A Showhomes franchise is an ideal fit for women.  “This business is all about women.  The value we’re creating in this business is the emotional appeal in the home.  The drama and the glamour that go along with selling a luxury property is what women know best,” Bliss explained.

In addition to the seeing their mother succeed as a business owner, Bliss and her family also benefit from the fact that she is in control of her schedule.  “For example, if I need to pick up my son at college on a Friday afternoon, I can do it.  However, this business is what you put into it.  It will only be successful with hard work and dedication.  That said, while the work gets done between myself and the people who work on my team, there is the satisfaction of doing what I want when I want to.  There is a big responsibility with owning a Showhomes’ franchise, but the reward and satisfaction is well worth it.”  Bliss said.

A Business That's There For You
“Showhomes gave me absolutely everything they had promised. From training and weekly support calls to local visits and our yearly convention, the support and training is top notch," commented Bliss.

When you own a franchise with a well-established brand, you reap the rewards of the franchisor's experience, a trusted brand, and a proven and tested product and business system. "Showhomes has been in business for over two decades and is by far the major national brand in Home Staging. With 27 franchises and a rapidly growing system, I’m more than happy I bought my franchise. I really love where this company is going." explained Bliss.

Three years later, Barbara Bliss’ business is flourishing, her family is growing up, and she happily recommends Showhomes to other women who want to have a flexible lifestyle and a creative business that is capable of generating high revenue; "I would absolutely recommend this opportunity to others. If you want a business that offers a flexible and fulfilling lifestyle, you're a sales-oriented, people-person with good follow-up skills, and you have talent (but not necessary professional experience) in decorating and design or real estate, this business is perfect for you."